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Are College Completion Services For Me? 

All services are provided with the goal of helping the student become self-sufficient in college planning and completion.  Services are geared specifically for future or current college students who cannot afford high-priced consultants but who need some guidance and/or hands-on assistance with college research, college admissions processes, financial aid and scholarships, and college completion planning. Services are designed for students who can identify with one or more of the statements below.  

  • I need more help with college planning than my parents, family, friends or counselors can provide.  

  • I want help in planning to get a degree in a reasonable amount of time with as little debt as possible. 

  • I want to start at community college and transfer smoothly and efficiently to a 4-year school.

  • I am unsure what I want to do, but I am committed to some kind of education after high school. I need help exploring options and getting started.   

What Services Are Offered? 

College Planning Consultation for High School Students

Recommended Package for High School Juniors

Three sessions at one hour each -- Total Cost of package is $350 or pay for hourly assistance on topics of your choice at $150/hour

  • Session 1 - Getting to know the student, discussion of priorities, overview of how to approach a college search, discussion of types of colleges

  • Session 2 - Understanding the true cost of college and how to realistically estimate it

  • Session 3 - Working on creating a list of colleges where the student plans to apply 


 Recommended Packages for Rising High School Seniors and Seniors

  • Package 1 - Typically in Summer before Senior Year or early Fall of Senior Year

Three sessions at one hour each -- Total Cost of  package is $350 or pay for hourly assistance on topics of your choice at $150/hour

  • Session 1 - Getting the college application process organized

  • Session 2 - Getting the college financial aid and scholarship application process organized

  • Session 3 - Review of or guided assistance with college application(s)

  • Package 2 - Typically in Winter, or Spring of Senior Year -- Total Cost of package is $350 or pay for hourly assistance on topics of your choice at $150/hour

  • Session 1 - Reviewing admission, financial aid, and scholarship offers and deciding where to attend

  • Session 2 - Completing enrollment and housing processes

  • Session 3 - Preparing for first college academic advising appointment and creating a college academic plan 

College Planning Consultation for College Students

Cost of Service is $150/hour and can include guidance and hands-on assistance on any number of topics (just pay for what you need)

  • Typical guidance includes the following (but if you have other topics, don't hesitate to ask)

    • Creating an academic plan for degree completion (and transfer if student is at community college)

    • Exploring majors and career paths 

    • Maximizing opportunities for scholarships and financial aid 

    • Accessing appropriate college student success services and programs 

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